Adventures at the Cheesewring Quarry


The magical landscape of Bodmin Moor is steeped in ancient history. It has inspired writers for generations and has called to walkers and climbers alike.

If you take a trek across the moor, you can find some fascinating standing stones, stone circles and ancient monuments that whisper of a secret past.

Stones that are thought to have been marketplaces date back to 1500BC and Cornish myths of giants, saints and angels weave around them. A lot of the mysteries of the moor may never be revealed.

The intriguing history of ancient humanity is carved into the hills and over time, the things they buried have come to light. Ancient peoples made their mark, but nature rules there now.


The Cheesewring, named for its similar shape to a press-like device that was once used to make cheese, is a massive pile of irregular boulders, precariously balanced on top of one another. Despite its lore - a tale of a Cornish giant and a Christian saint tossing the boulders into a pile - the formation is actually natural, created from centuries of erosion.

It sits adjacent to the Cheesewring quarry, which in the past was used to supply the granite for Tower Bridge in London. The quarry is now a great spot for climbing.

There are lots of little-known outcrops, tors and cliffs across Bodmin Moor to suit the avid or aspiring climber; from traditional and sport climbing to bouldering, there’s something to suit all levels. It can get a bit slippy on damp days (so keep an eye on the weather), but when the sun is shining it’s unmissable.

For those of us that enjoy pushing ourselves and meeting the challenges of nature, the South East of Cornwall is full of exciting adventures!

A short distance from the village of Minions, the quarry is surrounded by some fantastic walks and climbing opportunities. The landscape may whisper of secrets and legends but it also offers entertainment for modern explorers. There’s a bounty of places to discover!

Why not join us for our guided walk around the quarry? You may just find yourself under its spell.

by Charlotte Rayment