Interview - David Woolley and Phil Bowen


Last year, British poets David Woolley and Phil Bowen were interviewed by Falmouth students Aine Casey and Max Colbourne, and it was nothing short of amazing.


In the interview below, David and Phil riff on their history with poetry, and recount many humorous encounters with famous arts personalities including Seamus Heaney and Bob Dylan. There's even a story in which David trails Allen Ginsberg from thrift store to thrift store around Swansea on a hunt for trousers. 

David is one of the organisers of the Bodmin Moor Poetry Festival and has been running arts centres and festivals for most of his working life, showing his love and enthusiasm for poetry, and, most importantly, having ‘a lot of fun.'

David reiterates this in the interview below as the best advice he can give to students and young poets (whereas Phil jokingly advises to ‘keep away from it. Learn how to do a reef knot’). 

Listen below!


by Kevin Woodley